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I feel like it just run to make pvm players life harder-no reason for PK to check ingame who is online and show to other also online status in game.
Now just check in web if someone who you know do champs is online and if it worth to log for raid or not.

It just take all fun from game imo


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This does not give away your location, it gives a good view of who is online and how many. Its a nice feature.


Stats are great but i get her point. Currently she's being hunted on every occasion by our Brazilian players so it makes even easier to find out if she's online and on which character. Same can happen with all of us (us players, not my guild in particular), if someone will see that 2 or 3 of our champer characters are online they now that it will be worth logging in and hunting us down, with 5 or more champer characters from same guild online its safe to say that something more serious is going on. Idea is great but can be used in wrong way very easy.
I get the idea, it shows that server is alive and so on, but im also not a huge fan of who's online list.


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All in all in my opinion its pretty cool feature, but on PvP server it could lead to possibly giving a lot of information about incoming rides, people spawning etc. I'm not a huge fan of the [players lists in game either, but I understand its a proof that we don't have fake online count. At least in game list is not as simple to check it as on the website.

I might be too paranoid about this though, would gladly hear opinions from other more experienced PvPers :p

On the side note, maybe we could consider "incognito mode" to opt out from being visible on this list?


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Yeah, I wouldn't be coding an opt-out. If most see it as mostly a negative I will remove the in-game and web one.


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I think that is wonderful! i can see if my guildies are online, and participate, and i can see if the ones we hunt are online... but there is the other side, they can see if the pvpers from hetirage is online, and measure the "safety" of the server in that period of time.... i would like to add a suggestion, a dynamic map with houses locations and stuff (without showing players and showing the name of the house owner), that way, we can quickly find a spot to place a house!

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Most of yall have chars sitting afk in house so this is farless of a give away than the big yellow text that flaskes on my screen saying "such and such champion has died"


The Online List via website isn't making anyones life easier or harder since we have an in game players list. We barely use the player list to see PvM chars but we do look for the PvP players too see if we can do any PvM action without getting bothered. So, in my opinion, the player list is way more beneffic to PvM players to see if there's PK looking for raiding champs,etc. Just to clarify, I think it is a really good job from Dan's part and a nice feature to show what's going on the server, like the online players, its kills, guilds,etc... and I don't think it's gonna help for example, BRK guild to look for players, since we look for them having the player list on or off :p:p


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Yeah, I have to say I like having the list feature. Spawns are going to get scouted regardless of an in-game or web page list showing who's online. PvPers just do this on the regular because they're looking for a fight, and that's the risk we all take when we head to Fel to spawn. My best advice if you don't want to get raided is to choose your spawn times wisely, when you know OC and BRK are less likely to be online in force. Good luck.

Dan, I'm not sure if this would be a reasonable compromise or not. Could you code/would you consider coding it so that we can see just the NUMBER of players online, but not specifically who? When I really think about what I like about the [players feature, while the list IS nice, it's mainly that I like seeing how many we have on. Just a thought.
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